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Annual Report 2023

Kaleo Home Base - $16 Million Committed! $5 Million Left to Break Ground!

As the Father sent me, I am sending you.


JOHN 20:21

"Location, Location, Location." You may not know it, but StuMo lives by this quote. The truth of the gospel travels best in the context of relationships. And relationships are all about Location. The Father sent us the Law, the prophets and an occasional angel. This was not enough.  Jesus changed locations. He came down to the earth and lived in a human body. Immanuel had to be with us!


We only have one strategy, which is to personally connect face-to-face with the next generation. Our staff move to college cities and walk uphill both ways to and from the campus – just as Jesus walked the earth. I love how StuMo staff show up for vulnerable freshmen! They plan get-togethers, tournaments, Bible studies and fun events to meet and socialize in person. They want to be with them and get to know them. That’s love!


You’ll be excited to read more about my heroes – your StuMo staff leaders. You are doing a great thing by sending them all over the world! A significant portion of your gifts go directly to the idea of Location, whether it’s travel expenses to the campus or the conference, overseas to an unreached city or even paying for a student’s road trip to the Kaleo summer project. 


Jesus got really mad a couple of times. One of his hottest moments was when his own disciples stood between him and the children!  Jesus quickly solved the location problem. He had come a long way to be near them.


As the Father sent Jesus, I’m grateful you are sending StuMo people to our next generation of young leaders.  They desperately need Jesus to come near them. Thank you for making that happen!

Where We Are
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26 Staffed Campuses

A Staffed Campus is an established campus to which we have committed a staff team and the campus ministry has been going on for more than two full years.

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New Campus Spotlight


We are in full swing with our first fall at Mississippi State. Our staff are loving their time on campus as the Lord has provided immense amounts of favor with students here. We have been laser-focused as we’ve set out to do three things this fall: 

1. Build relationships with students in key affinity groups on campus.  

2. Share the truth about Jesus with as many students as possible in these particular groups.  

3. Recruit a high number of students to our annual winter conference, SMC.

We’ve seen multiple key students place their trust in Jesus this fall and are excited to bring students with us to SMC. We are eagerly praying and trusting that the Lord will multiply the lives of each of our staff on campus for his glory. Hail State! 

Launching in Fall 2024

Filkowski's- CU.jpg

University of Colorado

Stumo is headed back to CU Boulder! After not having staff on campus there for the last 4 years we are excited to announce that we will have a new staff team headed to CU next year.


Earlier this semester we took a trip to Boulder with our team. We met students from the Bay Area, NYC, Phoenix, Denver, LA, and many other places. None of them know Christ. We are excited to launch onto a campus with 35,000 students—many who are lost and from all over the country.
Pray for laborers at CU! Sko Buffs! 

clemson Will+LexieFenimore_Will Fenimore.jpg

Clemson University

When we think of a word that describes why we’re excited about a StuMo ministry starting at Clemson, we think of the word “potential.”


The campus is growing, the enrollment is increasing, and students from all over the country are choosing to attend Clemson University. These students are driven, they are leaders, and they have so much potential as future leaders living to have an impact for Christ. 


We pray that God would open up doors to many different affinity groups on campus, and that soon there will be a thriving community of men and women who are living for Christ and are a light to those around them at Clemson.

houston update.jpg

University of Houston

StuMo is set to launch at the University of Houston in Fall 2024! UH is the 3rd largest school in Texas (more than 47,000 students) and Houston is the 4th largest city in America. As we explored campus, we met several students and asked this question: “If you wanted to grow in your faith in college, where would you go?” The response broke our hearts as every student we asked shared that they had no idea what to do if they were interested. They had no one initiating with them spiritually to share the truth of Christ.


What could God do if this campus and city were saturated with laborers? Pray for God to raise up generations of laborers at the UH!

sophie wright 1.jpg

Student Spotlight

Sophie is an international student from the UK studying at Texas State. Before moving to the US, her life was characterized by depression and loneliness, but that was interrupted when she met a StuMo student leader during her second semester.

Student Spotlight

741 Salvations


606 Laborers*

*A Laborer is defined as a disciple who shares the gospel multiple times a semester, takes initiative to lead others spiritually and is committed to spiritual multiplication


160 Grads Mobilized