Kaleo is a nine week experience that provides college students with an exciting opportunity for developing in their leadership, character and FAITH.


It is a time to learn truths about life and practical skills that will the set you up to live out your faith and be a leader for rest of your life. Each student at Kaleo works a full time job. In their off hours, they deepen friendships, learn to share their faith in a winsome and effective way, and gain skills to help them study the Bible and apply it to their lives. 


If you are looking to have a life-changing summer, come to Kaleo!

Kaleo - Lone Star Region

UT, TCU, SMU, UT - Dallas, DBU, Baylor, A&M, TTU, Texas State, SFA and nearby campuses.

Kaleo - Heartland Region

K- State, KU, Mizzou, NMSU, UMKC, Missouri Western and nearby campuses.

Kaleo - West Region

CSU, CU, UW, ASU, UofA, GCU, Mines and nearby campuses.

Kaleo - Pioneer Region

OSU, OU, UCO, TU and nearby campuses.

Kaleo - Ozark Region

Arkansas, Missouri State, UCA and nearby campuses.