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Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication is an authentication method that allows users to gain access to secure systems, such as Office 365, which two or more factors of authentication. These factors are usually 1) your password and 2) a code or push notification sent to your phone to verify that it's you requesting access.

Why is it Important?

MFA is important for our security as an organization. If your password is compromised through hacking, phishing, or other methods, the hacker would still need access to your personal device to access personal information and sensitive organization information. Keeping our data secure keeps our staff secure in our work!

How Do I Change My Factors?

You'll need both a computer and your phone. Follow these steps to get your account set up for MFA:

  1. Computer: Go to this link to select new factors. If you're currently locked out of your account because you can't access an old device or number, please reach out to John and he can reset your account or answer any questions you may have. Click on the "Set up Authenticator app" button and leave the screen up that contains your QR code.

  2. Phone: Download the Microsoft "Authenticator" app from your app store. Click the "+" button to add a new account and select "Work or school account." Use your phone's camera to scan the QR code currently displayed on your computer screen.


That's it! Next time you need to authenticate, it should be as easy as clicking on a push notification on your phone. Please reach out to John with any questions!

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