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Annual Report 2020


Building Spiritual Leaders for Christ from the College Campuses of the World.

Celebrating God's Work with You!

I think you’ll be very encouraged as you read our 2020 annual report of Student Mobilization ministry activities!  Faced with tremendous uncertainty your Student Mobilization staff tried everything this year to show the love of God and share the gospel of Jesus with this confused and hurting generation. Our hearts go out to the college students of 2020 — especially the freshmen! As high school seniors and new collegians have suffered in unique ways, StuMo people are seeking them out and overcoming distances with new ways to show interest and love.

Your generous giving and your gracious prayers this year have been instrumental in God’s work. Thank you for joining with us and believing that God is at work through our staff and student leaders in 2020. I am so grateful for your partnership — how you contributed to our work and trusted the Lord with the results. We’re excited to have you on our team as we continue to seek God and love students.  I believe he can use us together even more as we trust him into 2021.


22 Staffed Campuses

A Staffed Campus is an established campus to which we have committed a staff team and the campus ministry has been going on for more than 2 full years.

Where We Are

326 Staff & Volunteers


~ 100 staff serving overseas

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Student Spotlight

Jackson grew up in a Christian home so he never really questioned his beliefs. Little did he know he was blinded by his own self-righteousness. When Jackson met Chase, everything changed. That was when the gospel actually sunk-in. 


554 Salvations


496 Laborers*

*A Laborer is defined as a disciple who shares the gospel multiple times a semester, takes initiative to lead others spiritually and is committed to spiritual multiplication


241 Grads Mobilized

StuMo Spiritual Leaders

Our vision is to meet college students, reach them with the gospel, establish them in their faith, equip them for ministry and send them out as laborers for a lifetime in one of these areas:


Shelby works for a ministry called Campus Outreach who's mission is to build laborers with a commitment to Jesus and His Great Commission through evangelism and discipleship. Sounds familiar, right? Shelby is passionate about seeing the world reached for Christ. In fact, after graduating, she spent two years in Thailand sharing the gospel and discipling young believers. Now, Shelby works in an administrative role with Campus Outreach and is caring for and training up missionaries as they are being sent out. Shelby's hope is that these leaders would be mobilized from the campus to the field to have a Gospel-centered impact on those around them as they live the rest of their life on mission in unreached parts of the world.

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University of Central Oklahoma


In college Mattie quickly gained a heart for people and to tell them about the God who had captured her heart. She read Matthew 28:18-20, which is where Jesus commissions his disciples to go into the world and make disciples of all nations, and Mattie wanted to live that out after college whether that was in the States or overseas in a country she had never been before. Mattie grew her heart for the world in college by praying for the world, initiating friendships with international students in her classes, and sharing the gospel with her sorority sisters. Now, Mattie is preparing to go to the Philippines. She ultimately wants to glorify God with her life and wants to see Filipinos know the same God that she does and experience the same purpose that she has through her relationship with Christ. 



University of Kansas


Through a number of circumstances, Colby ended up not using his degree. Instead he became a science teacher and football coach back in his hometown. In his first semester, he has become a friend and a mentor to many of the students in his classes and on the team. This past month, he got the chance to share at his church how Jesus had changed his life his sophomore year of college, and many of the high school students came to listen - and several stuck around to ask more questions and learn more about his faith! Though he has only been there a few months, God is already using Colby in incredible ways to bring the gospel to these high school students who, without Colby, may never have someone willing to care, listen, invest in, and share truth with them like he is.

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University of Missouri

Multi-Cultural Movement

Blake, Millie, Austin and Tinaris share about what God's been doing in Kansas and Missouri

SMC 2020

SMC 2020

In a world full of fake friends, fake news and fake religion, there is a very REAL God who wants us to know him and love him. That's what students got to hear at StuMo Conference (SMC), our annual 4 day conference over winter break. Student's gathered in downtown OKC to hear truths from the Bible and were challenged to impact others.


3,318 Attendees


695 Salvations

"This was the first time I've been to anything like this. I had an awesome time getting to know Jesus more while forming friendships with the guys around me."


- Hunter, Texas Tech

"A week ago I'm not sure which way I would've gone had I died. I had been questioning my faith but it feel amazing now that I've given my life to Christ."


- Lizzie, Texas A&M

SMC Growth Over the Years


March 10, 2020

The day the COVID-19 pandemic changed the climate of the college campus

Students were forced to leave their dorms and fraternities/sororities and campus became desolate 
March 19, 2020
Our online ministry began

Hover over the map to see our reach with


Students across 47 states engaged with our content


2,124 broadcast viewers


6,422 podcast listens


4,100 blog post views


Across our campuses there were 1000+ Zoom Bible Studies

"I have been asked multiple times by friends and other campus ministers, How is the fall going with Covid-19?


My answer, Amazing! We have met more students than ever, shared the gospel more than ever and seen more people put their faith in Jesus than any other fall semester up to this point.


I don’t say this to brag but to only elevate the God we serve. The pandemic put a stop to many things, but it did not stop the Spirit of God from drawing people to Himself, nor will it ever!"

Brent, Campus Director at Texas Tech University


This summer we made history! We did something we've never attempted. That new thing was "online Kaleo." Students started online to begin Kaleo summer training. and by the end of the summer, some Kaleo projects got to finish together in-person. The Kaleo summer project is (normally) a nine-week summer leadership and discipleship training experience. Almost  900 student leaders took part. Kaleo is called, "The Summer of Your Life," because God has used this experience to impact so many college students. Week after week they studied the scriptures, grew spiritually, built relationships, worked a job and had fun. Week after week God worked during the Kaleo summer project!

Kaleo: Online and In-Person


Kaleo Attendance

"I was a lukewarm follower of Christ before, but now I can confidently say that my life will be marked by Jesus."

-Ella, TCU

"Kaleo challenged me to grow in every aspect of my faith, while giving me the tools to help others do the same."

-Will, SMU

"God's plans will always be better than ours. He knew that COVID-19 was going to happen and wasn't surprised by it and Kaleo online was so much better than expected!"

-Grace, CSU

Overseas Update


number of people that were given decision opportunities to follow Christ that live in unreached parts of the world.


number of people that made decisions to put their faith in Christ that live in unreached parts of the world.

Would you pray?

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

(2 Peter 3:9)

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Japanese Believer Baptized

When Ken began to follow Jesus, his life drastically transformed in just a few short months.  Ken has been hungry to grow and eager to share his new found faith in Christ with his friends. This past week, after studying what baptism means to the believer, Ken was baptized along with Juan, another friend who began to follow Christ this past year. 



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