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Looking Back on 2021

StuMo Annual Report 2021

Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.


PSALM 126:5-6

Sowing seed is one of God’s favorite spiritual analogies. Sharing the gospel is like sowing spiritual seed. It is equally risky and scary.  There are sometimes tears! Our staff know that the gospel is often rejected, at least initially. 

Your StuMo campus ministers have been sowing in 2020 and 2021. Due to COVID-19 that sowing has come with an extra helping of tears. Getting access to college students has been brutal. Closed campuses and other restrictions have isolated our young generation and given them fewer opportunities to meet – for any reason.


But we are rejoicing! Our labor in the dark covid-laced times has turned into an unprecedented harvest! The pent up need for connection and spiritual interest in this generation is breaking out into new levels of impact. We are grateful to have your partnership because your investments involve trusting God and trusting in the diligence of our staff, including their tears in hard times. Your gifts and our staff’s tears are now causing shouts of joy!


Thank you for going with us through the tough times. Your faith is being honored by God.

Where We Are

23 Staffed Campuses

A Staffed Campus is an established campus to which we have committed a staff team and the campus ministry has been going on for more than two full years.


Student Spotlight

For the first two and a half years of college, Myles' life was marked by parties, chasing girls and just enough school to get by. In the fall of his junior year, God started to move in Myles' heart by showing him the emptiness of his sin.


637 Salvations


502 Laborers*

*A Laborer is defined as a disciple who shares the gospel multiple times a semester, takes initiative to lead others spiritually and is committed to spiritual multiplication


216 Grads Mobilized

StuMo Spiritual Leaders

Our vision is to meet college students, reach them with the gospel, establish them in their faith, equip them for ministry and send them out as laborers for a lifetime in one of these areas:


After college, Tyler moved to Austin to start a new job. Yet after a few successful years working full time, he kept feeling this pull towards working for a church. Even while working 60 hour weeks, he found time to study the Word and do ministry with friends and coworkers. Each time he would, he just wanted more! He loved his job and he was good at it, but he knew the Lord was calling him to something else, so he quit. It took a step of faith, but he was confident and excited to start working for a ministry in Austin called Launch Global. After 6 months of raising his personal support, Tyler took on a new role with Launch Global and his local church. His job is to help engage the church body and mobilize them to reach the lost world overseas for Jesus. This role is so necessary and effective in the church, filling a gap that's been empty for far too long. Tyler is now married to his wife Margeaux, and they have a new son, Silas. They are both working for Launch Global and are raising up laborers for Christ to go to the nations!

3BF0EF0A-F6E2-4F2D-A4D6-48C26148993E - Tyler Collins.jpeg

Austin, TX


Jacob started sharing the Gospel intentionally with the people around him his sophomore year after he came to faith. He started to experience what it was like to share in the joy of making Jesus known. Through seeing some guys in his fraternity come to know Christ, his heart grew even more. Jacob had always been fascinated in traveling and other cultures but as he learned about the people around the world and their need for the gospel he started to think about what it would look like for Jesus to be made known overseas. One summer he had planned to go to East Asia until COVID-19 made that not an option, but the Lord had been growing and preparing his heart continuously through that. Back on campus, the Lord continued to grow Jacob's heart for unreached people groups across the world. Fast forward, Jacob is excited because he is going to East Asia after college to share the Gospel where Jesus isn’t known.

190AD0DF-03B6-4267-AD57-3EAF92800D29 - Jacob Clayton.jpeg

East Asia


In 2020, Jared was the only Christian at a small company in Kansas City until his company moved online and hired more people for support. Jared started leading faith discussions for the new hiring classes. Two men started following Jesus as a result. Jared discipled those men and they started sharing their faith at work. Every Friday morning, 12 guys attend a Bible study at Jared's house. Since then, the four guys that have made a profession of faith are all being discipled by somebody at his company other than Jared. They are beginning to see the vision of spiritual multiplication become a reality where he works! God is moving and He has answered so many prayers by providing people who want to know God. Jared and his wife, Sam, just bought a house that is 0.3 miles away from the office so they are able to have people from the company over easily. After their Bible study, they are able to get to work in 48 seconds! God is truly working in Kansas City and they are privileged to be a part of it! 

27E5A62D-D903-4D28-B4EA-0ABCD1A9F216 - Jared Boyett.jpeg

Kansas City, MO

SMC 2020

Dallas and Kansas City

When we first began SMC (StuMo Conference) in 2009, we were all one region and had just over 400 people. Our growth over these years is an amazing testimony to God's grace working through our collective laborers. In 2021, we launched a second SMC in Kansas City to increase access to our winter conference. 


2,889 Attendees


410 Salvations

"God gave me a view of what my life would look like with Him in the center of it and I don’t want to live any other way."


- Keely, University of Kansas

"At SMC I met people my age who live differently than me. I saw a huge difference in the way they live their life for Christ compared to me."


- Luis, Texas State



total Kaleo attendees

across 4 different cities

326 Students in Panama City Beach

241 Students in Gulf Shores

225 Students in Destin

260 Students in Orlando

For the past thirty-eight years our ministry has hosted a summer growth experience called the Kaleo Summer Projects.  “Kaleo” is a Greek word which means, “To call, summon or invite.”  StuMo staff and student leaders invite students to invest their lives in a nine-week discipleship and leadership development program which has become known as “The Summer of Your Life.”


For sixty days college students from all over the nation live together in close quarters, get jobs in the community, learn to study the Bible, commit to attending local churches and grow lifelong friendships.  They learn to share their faith in Jesus and then interact with co-workers and beachgoers about the gospel.  The summer includes both a weekend relationship conference and missions conference with biblical teaching.  Kaleo is also an opportunity for many students who have dealt with a lifetime of pornography use to share struggles and gain hope from education on addictions, loving accountability and support.


Thank you for supporting the Kaleo Summer Projects in Orlando, Gulf Shores, Destin and Panama City Beach.  You are investing in the moms, dads, teachers, business leaders, pastors and missionaries of the future!

Kaleo 2021

Kaleo Attendance

"Jesus changed my life at Kaleo. Words can’t describe how equipped I feel to follow Jesus for the rest of my life after Kaleo."

-Lexi, Colorado State

 "Kaleo has been the most challenging yet encouraging summer of my life. I can confidently say I am a changed person. I now find my identity in Christ and not things of this world." 

-Brinkley, University of Central Oklahoma

"My life has been changed by God working through Kaleo. This program has been the best decision I’ve made in my life other than devoting my life to Christ."

-Tom, University of Texas

The Summer of Your Life

Students from Texas Universities share why Kaleo 2021 was a summer to remember.

Overseas Update

"COVID-19 ravaged this part of the planet. Many of our staff were barred from returning to the field for the first half of the year and other staff who were able to return dealt with extreme lockdowns, months of no in-person contact, and extreme isolation. Yet as we look back, we rejoice to see God's work still moving forward."

"Charles", Regional Director for Southeast Asia


number of people that had exposure to the Gospel this year that live in unreached parts of the world.


number of people that put their faith in Christ this year that live in unreached parts of the world.

Would you pray for the unreached people?

"I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth."

(1 Corinthians 3:6-7)



After reading the powerful story of the Woman at the Well, Hiromi was relieved that Jesus would do the same for her. She has been faithfully walking with God and participating in StuMo Tokyo's first house church.

MicrosoftTeams-image (27).png

April 2021

After missing our annual Staff Conference in 2020, the time finally came for the ministers to minister to each other. Florida allowed us to gather 300 StuMo staff and board members in one room! We took our shot at much needed rejuventation, re-focus and revival.

We worshipped together, we ate together, prayed together and reminded ourselves why there is a Student Mobilization. Our theme was Steadfast. We want to be "steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing [our] labors are not in vain in the Lord." (1 Corinthians 15:58)


Because our staff were steadfast and endured 2020 and 2021, lives were changed. 



Audited financial statements are available upon request. Please reach out to to request a copy.

Support and Revenue


Kaleo Contributions

Program and Conference Fees

Sales Income

Other Income

Total Support and Revenue









Program Services

Management and General


Total Expenses






Executive Leadership


Board of Directors


Welcome our New Staff!


Thank You!

Thank you for your generous giving and your gracious prayers this year. They have been instrumental in God's work through Student Mobilization. You can read about all that God has been doing in our Annual Report. We believe God can use us together even more as we trust Him in 2022!

Below are four giving ideas for investing spiritually in the next generation through StuMo. We are grateful for you and look forward to partnering with you in 2021!


Consider giving to the ministry of a StuMo staff person as a ‘thank you’ for investing in your college student at our 2021 Kaleo Summer Project.

Give a monthly gift to the ministry of your StuMo staff person or family. This strategic gift keeps our staff funded and on campus.

Make a gift to one of our campus funds. A gift to our campus funds will enable our staff to provide student scholarships to SMC or cover costs of large group worship gatherings.

Invest in StuMo's overall vision and support what God is doing through StuMo worldwide.

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