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PO Box 567

Conway, AR 72033-0567



950 Carson Cove, Suite 112

Conway, AR 72034


(501) 329-7676


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The overall health of StuMo’s culture is extremely positive.  This is measurable through our engagement survey.  At BCWI, we survey over 300 ministries each year and can report that StuMo’s staff engagement is among the highest we see.  On a 5-point Likert scale with 4.25 to 4.50 being our top quartile – Flourishing – StuMo joins a small % of organizations at 4.53.  This means that when reading 56 positively worded, scientifically verifiable, questions about their workplace experience, staff are able to quite strongly agree the environment is healthy.

Results indicate that direction and goals are clear, leadership is strong and trust between leaders and staff is high, momentum is positive, communication is open and strong, even through a difficult period of Covid, and staff are highly committed to the organization and its mission.  Results are measured across every team larger than 5 staff and it is encouraging to see that in the USA, and on International Teams, results are consistent and solid.  We’re confident that this attention to workplace health gives StuMo an excellent likelihood for mission achievement. 


Best Christian Workplaces Institute

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