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Annual Report 2022

Kaleo Home Base - $11 Million Committed! $6 Million Left to Break Ground!

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.


JOHN 15:5

I hope you will be encouraged as you read our report!  The ministry of Student Mobilization has been growing in an extreme environment. After 25 years as a great ministry on a few campuses and then about ten years as a growing regional ministry, Student Mobilization is emerging.

Our Kaleo Summer Project participation used to be 100 students – sometimes fewer. In 2021 Kaleo was over one thousand. After almost 30 years serving StuMo, I can tell you, I did not necessarily expect to be at this point! I’m thinking this is what happens when you have a ministry full of spiritual extremophytes – young leaders willing to seek God even in difficult places and during challenging seasons.


For campus ministers who abide in the Vine, these challenging days can actually provide more spiritual fruit than easier times. We’re currently engaging students on college campuses in 10 states: Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania. And we’re back! Working in three countries — Japan, the Philippines and another Asian land.


Thank you for allowing us to be your partners in reaching this generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your prayers and your gifts are God’s precious provision to us as we bear fruit in extreme conditions.  The light of Jesus shines brightest when it is the darkest.  

Where We Are

22 Staffed Campuses

A Staffed Campus is an established campus to which we have committed a staff team and the campus ministry has been going on for more than two full years.

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New Campus Spotlight

Our staff team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is now in the middle of year two since launching in the fall of 2021. Since launching we have given our greatest time, energy, and prayers towards three crucial things:


1. Building relationships with as many students possible in Greek life, student-athletes and students in the residence halls.


2. Hosting as many faith discussions possible for these students to attend and investigate their faith.


3. A high volume of personal evangelism with the students who are coming to the faith discussions.


We are so grateful for how God provided so many open doors in our first year so that we can build a strong foundation for the many years ahead. We are trusting that God would use our lives to create a multiplying movement on the campus and send out students all over the world from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Launching in Fall 2023

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Arizona State

“Lord, we trust you. Please lead us to spiritually hungry students. Please give us favor and open up doors for us.” On our first trip to Arizona State University we were nervous, excited, and confident that God would lead us to the exact students He wanted us to meet. We couldn’t have imagined how much God would do in a few short hours. Within minutes of being on a campus containing 75,000 students, we met leaders from seven different Greek houses!


The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. In the words of a ministry leader in Tempe, “ASU desperately needs StuMo… Nobody is reaching Greek students.” In the Fall of 2023, our team will be on campus reaching the lost and raising up the next generation of laborers from ASU. 

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Mississippi State

With just a few months before we’re set to launch to Starkville, Mississippi, our team took a trip to make some connections on campus at Mississippi State. Within just a few hours of our first day, our staff were able to connect with students from all over campus, including some of the largest Greek houses and multiple different athletic teams.


We immediately noticed the open doors that God provided our staff as the students that we met were extremely inviting, warm and seemed very open to the Gospel. Multiple students that we met asked us to reach out to them when we move so that they can get involved in our ministry and grow in their faith. We are extremely eager to get on campus and watch the Lord raise up laborers!

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Known for being one of the largest Greek life schools in the country, Alabama hosts more than 7,000 fraternity and sorority members. After visiting campus for just a few days recently, our team was able to make connections in many of the larger Greek houses. Students from all over the country come here for the elite social life this campus has to offer. They are chasing life here in ways they will never find it. 


One of the girls we got to know mentioned, “I have been wanting so badly to help my sorority sisters know Jesus, but I have no idea how to. I am doing my best just to be faithful not to give into what everyone else around me is doing.” Our team is excited to see what God does when we launch next fall. Roll Tide Roll!

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Student Spotlight

Growing up, Kaylin went to church every Sunday and served in ministry. However, when a StuMo staff shared the gospel with her, Kaylin was hit with the truth of God's Word. She realized she had never given God complete authority over her life. 


530 Salvations


433 Laborers*

*A Laborer is defined as a disciple who shares the gospel multiple times a semester, takes initiative to lead others spiritually and is committed to spiritual multiplication


250 Grads Mobilized

Maddy's Testimony
Shelby's Story
Jakes Testimony
Gatlins Testimony

StuMo Spiritual Leaders

Our vision is to meet college students, reach them with the gospel, establish them in their faith, equip them for ministry and send them out as laborers for a lifetime in one of these areas:


As a student, Jeff came to faith at the end of his freshman year at K-State and began to grow rapidly. He said, “I thought I had a relationship with Christ, but when I read the Scriptures, I found out there was so much more to following Jesus.” Jeff spent 4 summers at StuMo’s summer training program, Kaleo, and learned how to lead other spiritually. Upon graduating, Jeff decided that he wanted to continue his development as a spiritual leader and is currently working with a ministry called “Eikon”. Eikon Ministries is in Memphis, Tennessee and their mission is to “build leaders who will change their communities from the inside out.” Jeff is currently serving with a ministry team that is committed to sharing the gospel and equipping leaders to make an impact in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Memphis. The training and equipping that Jeff received from StuMo, God is graciously using to transform the city of Memphis!

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 12.18.05 PM.jpeg

Memphis, TN


Mason began his relationship with God during his sophomore year of college. Slowly but surely, he began to get to know God through His Word and fell in love with His mission. Mason spent the summer after his junior year in South Africa on a StuMo summer team and grew a heart for God’s mission beyond just his campus. As he was considering what to do after graduation, the only thing Mason knew was that he wanted to be wherever God wanted him to be. So, he began to apply for many different post-graduate options.Through this, he got a position on a team with Campus Outreach in Birmingham, England, on a college campus! Mason is currently preparing to go spend the next two-years working with college students who have grown up in a postmodern culture. 

masonscheidler - Will Fenimore.jpeg

Birmingham, England


Ryan graduated in 2022 from the University of Kansas and is currently working as an engineer in Kansas City. Since graduating, Ryan has only grown deeper in his walk with God and is more committed to taking the gospel to those that don’t know Christ. Ryan and several other grads who are seeking to make disciples, decided to move into an apartment complex that’s a hub for unbelieving young professionals. The apartment complex is more expensive and not necessarily what they would prefer, however, they made the decision to live there for the sake of potential ministry opportunties. God has blessed that decision with many avenues to share the gospel and display Christ. One of Ryan’s new friends began to follow Christ. He currently lives with a young believer whom he’s helping develop in the basics of the faith. It’s been an encouragement to see Ryan only grow more and more post-college and make disciples wherever he is at.

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Kansas City, MO


SMC Dallas
Jan 2-5, 2023

For more information or to volunteer visit

SMC (StuMo Conference)

When we first began SMC (StuMo Conference) in 2009, we were all one region and had just over 400 people. Our growth over these years is an amazing testimony to God's grace working through our collective labors. In 2021, we launched a second SMC in Kansas City to increase access to our winter conference. 

In 2022, 3,361 students gathered in both Kansas City and Dallas, to hear from dynamic speakers across the country about what it looks like to follow Christ in college. We’re excited SMC is happening again in just a few short weeks.  


3,361 Attendees


291 Salvations

"God opened my eyes to realize that there's so much more to my life... He has inspired me to develop a strong relationship with Him so I can help people out of the darkness, just as others did for me."


- Jaedy, Northwest Missouri State University

"The main sessions at SMC had a big impact on me by showing me what it truly means to follow Christ."


- Tia, Texas Tech University

"The talks at SMC were so powerful. It was truly something I had never experienced/felt before."


- Autumn, University of Central Arkansas

"My view on Christ has changed after these couple of days and I’m excited to pursue my faith. I think I was just ignorant to the gospel."


- Shane, University of Oklahoma